Union Flag Flies Over Ketton Again

The Union Flag is once again flying over the village of Ketton thanks to a small team of personnel from RAF Wittering.

Cpl Daniel Kennell, SAC (Tech) Matthew Underwood from No 5001 Sqn, together with WO Steve Poulton carried out the task.

Cpl Kennell and SAC (T) Underwood went up in a ‘cherry picker’ supplied by 5001 Sqn to take off the old rope and to check the condition of the pulley that was already in place. A new pulley was required and once completed, the new halyard was threaded through and passed down WO Poulton for the end to be sliced into the a loop, for the flying of flags, fitted with toggles and loops.

Once the job had been completed and tidied up, Cpl Kennell, assisted by SAC(T) Underwood hoisted the Union Flag with WO Poulton giving a salute in correct ceremonial fashion. The whole job took about 30 minutes from the time the team arrived and set up.

PHOTO: The Union Flag flies over Ketton again thanks to WO Steve Poulton, Cpl Daniel Kennell and SAC (T) Matthew Underwood.

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