SSAFA Volunteers Update

It has been a quiet start to the New Year in SSAFA world, but things have started to pick up. We held a Community Fair at Cottesmore at the beginning of February.  SSAFA Forces Help Volunteers were on hand to answer questions about what SSAFA has to offer and to give all Cottesmore personnel a chance to meet some of the volunteers. The SSAFA volunteers were also there to provide help and support at what is a time of upheaval for many people at both Cottesmore and Wittering. We hope some of our readers took advantage of our attendance and came over to say hello and have a chat.

Our next Families Disco is scheduled for Friday April 8 and it will be held in the A1 Club at Wittering. Please keep a lookout for any posters, leaflets and notices on the Scrolling News for further details nearer the time.

In the next few weeks, Fridge Magnets featuring the contact number of the SSAFA Volunteers Coordinator will be distributed to all households and sections.  So when you  receive one, don’t forget to put it on your fridge/cooker so that you have the phone number to hand if required.

A reminder to all single, married personnel and their families here at Wittering and Cottesmore, the SSAFA Community Volunteers are here to help, so for further help and information call Martyn Farrier, on 07717 858008 during working hours. The Volunteers are friendly faces offering low-key practical confidential help, such as providing a listening ear, transport to hospital, mowing the lawn, or even walking the dog. Our SSAFA Social Worker Ros Ferguson is located at RAF Wittering and can be contacted on 01780 783262.  Terry McNalty represents RAF Cottesmore on 01572 812241 Ext 7155, for further information and more in depth help.


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