All of those who had been presented with the CO’s monthly award during 2011 and 2012 were nominated for the Smart Award 2012, which was set up in memory of SAC James ‘Smarty’ Smart who died last year. Members of his family also attended the lunch and presentation. 

The overall winner of the SMART Award was SAC Juliette Lewis. It was felt she was highly deserving of the award in recognition of her outstanding contribution at RAF Wittering where she excelled as a JNCO in the Fuels and Lubricants Section (F&L), but also for her efforts as a volunteer for the Friends of Children of Chernobyl, for which she has not only helped to raise funds, but also hosted Valya, an eight-year-old Belarusian girl this summer for a month’s visit.

Station Commander Gp Cpt Richard Hill said: “I instigated the Smart Award to commemorate the outstanding contribution made to RAF Wittering and the wider RAF by SAC James ‘Smarty’ Smart before his death on Op ELLAMY in July 2011. While all the recipients of my Monthly Award for Outstanding Achievement were recognised for providing excellent service to their Flights, Squadrons, the Station and/or their local community, the recipient of the Smart Award was judged to have been the ‘best of the best’, truly embodying SAC Smart’s exceptional qualities. They should all be proud of what they have achieved; however, SAC Juliette Lewis, as the first winner of the SMART Award, was a very worthy recipient of the Award, and all that it represents.”

SAC Lewis received a number of prizes including a sporting events day at Grange Farm, Wittering, and a visit to Stamford Town Hall to meet the mayor.

λ The 2011/2012 winners of the Station Commander’s Monthly Award for Outstanding Achievement were Cpl Carl Newton, SAC James Toon, SAC Carr, SAC Thomas Hill, Emma Stacey, SAC John, SAC Catherine Learmonth, Cpl Gary Brigden, Cpl Ruth Warner, SAC Tim Scott, Cpl Andy Baker and SAC Juliette Lewis.

PHOTO: The Smart Award 2012 was presented to SAC Juliette Lewis.

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