Safety Team at Wittering wins top award

Total safety at RAF Wittering was formally recognised when the Station’s Safety & Assurance Centre picked up a major Royal Air Force award.

The RAF Safety Trophy 2019 was presented to the team at MoD Shrivenham by Air Commodore Mark Jeffery, head of the RAF Safety Centre.
RAF Wittering’s Total Safety & Assurance Centre looks after the safety requirements of every unit on the Station. From airfield operations to the engineering and logistics squadrons of the A4 Force Elements, their only concern is the safety of people at work and those who are affected by the Station’s work.
In particular, the award recognises the team’s work in maintaining the safety of RAF Wittering’s airfield. Less than two years ago, the airfield was used only by the Grob tutor aircraft; today fast jets, transport aircraft and helicopters all make use of the long runway and wide taxiways. Wing Commander Nick Maxey, Officer Commanding Operations Wing, the area under which the Safety & Assurance Centre sits, said: “Our team has worked with real dedication and what they have achieved is greater than the sum of the parts. But there is no room for complacency, just because you’ve got an award, it doesn’t mean you can relax. Total Safety is a combination of individual efforts which are always ongoing.”

PHOTO: The Royal Air Force Wittering Total Safety & Assurance Cell.
From left to right: Wing Commander Nick Maxey, Corporal Wayne Dowson, Flying Officer Thomas Murray, Corporal Wayne Ross, Chief Tech Geoff Cook, Mrs Sharon Rawnsley, Mr Roger Paull, Squadron Leader Bob Mepham, Flt Lt Louise Blakemore, Flt Lt Darren Miller, Flying Officer Paul Mooney, Sergeant Robbie Riches, Flight Sergeant Mark Holliday.