Sad Farewell

By Gillian Luck of Cott/Witt Hovering Theatre Club

Jets in diamond formation performed
Their last display and flypast, and
One by one they gracefully hovered
Over the airfield, then landed; the last plane
Took the final bow to all spectators;
Then all was still.

The pilots stepped down from their planes,
And in a parade, were escorted away from their Beloved craft;
many in tears and forbidden to look back;
The Heroes were cheered with applause from the mass.
Uncertain days lie ahead for the brave men
Of those mighty birds, both near and far;
‘What are we going to do now?’ they sigh.

The skies over Rutland are quiet and empty now,
As the mighty Harriers stand silently on the ground;
No more wars to fight, no more rescues to perform;
These champions of land and sea
Remain proud, though not forgotten.


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