Padres Corner

Christmas – a time to be shared and enjoyed.

There are certain films that Christmas wouldn’t be the same without. For me one certainly has to be ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. I love the story of the miserly old Scrooge and the night of ghostly encounters. It is a wonderful story of redemption and relationships restored. As Scrooge meets the larger than life character of the Ghost of Christmas Present, he is summoned into the room of festive fare calling, “Come in and know me better man”.

Scrooge learns through his ghostly visitations, that Christmas is a time to be shared and enjoyed. It is a slow process, as he has to confront his hurts and learn that he needs to forgive himself as well as seeking forgiveness from others.

Two thousand years ago in a small cave in a city in a Roman province, a baby was born to a young couple. This baby was surrounded by squalor and poverty, of scandal and suspicion, yet this is how God was getting our attention. He chose that he would give the gift of his one and only Son, to grab the attention of the whole world. That night while hosts of angels sang, only a few lowly shepherds heard the song and visited the baby. This was God calling to his creation to come in and know him better. Should you manage to find time over the Christmas period churches around the world will be open and would love to help you to get to know him.

On behalf of the whole chaplaincy team at RAF Wittering, we hope that you have a really happy Christmas, wherever and with whoever you spend it.

Padre Paul Collins


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