Message In A Tin

Talking Tins are a great way to send deployed loved ones a reminder of home.

Families can record a short audio message on them which can then be sent out of area to the deployed Service personnel. They are then able to listen to the message and, if they wish, record their own greeting over it and send it back to the UK.

Messages, which can be up to 40 seconds long, can be re-recorded time and time again from birthday and Christmas greetings, jokes, personal messages to young children laughing or indeed anything that springs to mind.

The tins, which have been funded by the RAF Charitable Trust, feature two record buttons to provide message protection, built-in magnets so it can be attached to any steel surface like a fridge. Batteries are included and are replaceable.

They come in a lightweight postage box, postage is free out to some theatres for small parcels up to 2kg, but the deployed individual will have to pay its return costs.

The Talking Tins are available free of charge from RAF Wittering HIVE to families of deployed personnel or contact tel. 01780 783838 ext 7541.


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