In the Month of Movember

A fantastic £900 was raised for Movember by the RAF Wittering Team.

Team Captain Sqn Ldr Nigel Crosbie-Ross, was really impressed by the number of people that took part this year. The Station Gym staff arranged for a photo shoot to kick start the month and again at the end to capture the Mo’s in all their glory.

To ensure that the message was not all about growing a ‘tache for cash the Med Centre staff were invited to provide literature on men’s health issues. Going one better they brought along synthetic testicles, which are used as a training aid for checking for lumps. Sqn Ldr Crosbie-Ross said: “After the schoolboy humour and to get the ‘ball rolling’ I tried them. It certainly makes you more aware of what to check for.” And It is not just men that supported Movember.

Sqn Ldr Crosbie-Ross’s daughters, Jade and Kelsey, came up with the idea of wearing a false moustache for a day, which would include wearing it to school and then afterwards to the youth club. They enlisted the support of the Wittering Primary School Headmaster, Mr Rhys Thrower.

Sqn Ldr Crosbie-Ross said: “Mr Thrower invited the girls onto the stage during the assembly and they presented him with the moustache that he would wear for the day too. Between them they managed to raise £112 and a fair few smiles too.”




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