Christmas Truce Football Match

Along the Western Front on Christmas Day 1914 soldiers from Britain and Germany downed their weapons and competed in a Christmas Truce Football Match, a game that according to reports finished 3-2 to Germany.

Fast forward 100 years, change the location
to RAF Wittering, and a similar match took
place between a team consisting of Junior
Ranks and Civil Servants versus SNCOs and

The game was organised by SACs Paul
Gibbons and Becky Croker after seeing a campaign
from the Football Association to remember the
100 year anniversary since the Truce. To recreate
the match from 100 years ago, teams played in
issued DPM trousers and boots on a non-standard
football pitch, using a leather football, kindly
donated by ‘Something Sporty’.

At half-time there was only a one goal
difference, with the SNCOs and Officers more
than holding their own against their younger

Whether there was something in the soup
or an inspirational half-time team talk, the Junior
Ranks and Civil Servants upped their game in the
second half and eventually pulled away from their
opponents. Although the SNCOs and Officers
remained competitive right up to the final whistle,
they were always playing catch up.

A member of the SNCOs’ and Officers’ team
said: “This was a really hard game, playing in issued
boots and full DPM on a muddy pitch. It was really
quite authentic, although apart from OC Ops Wg’s
wayward shooting, we were not in any real danger
like our colleagues were 100 years ago.”

Players were presented with a bottle of
Spitfire beer for their efforts before a raffle was
drawn consisting of over 20 prizes from companies
across the country.

A total of £250 was raised in aid of the Forces
Children’s Trust.

SAC Gibbons said: “I’d like to say a huge
thank you to the Forces Children’s Trust for
supporting the event by supplying t-shirts and an
even bigger thank you to the numerous companies
that supported the raffle by donating prizes ranging
from a two-week family pass at Virgin Active to a
term of diving lessons at Peterborough Diving”.