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Home-made Easy Mince Pies With a tasty start to the festive season with some delicious mince pies

Home-made Mincemeat Ingredients for mincemeat (makes 6lb): 1lb (450g) Bramley Apples cored and chopped small (no need to peel) 8oz (225g) Shredded suet 12oz (350g) Raisins 8oz (225g) Currants 8oz (225g) Whole mixed candied peel, finely chopped 12oz (250g) Soft […]

In the Hot Seat

This edition’s ‘In The Hot Seat’ nominee is the first Airman to be awarded the SMART Award; the Station Commander’s Airman of the Month award. Name: Carl Newton Role: JNCO FGW Ops – Mover by Trade Age: 30 Marital Status: […]

The Armed Forces Covenant

What does the Armed Forces Covenant mean for Service Personnel? Dawn McCafferty, Chairman of the RAF Families Federation gives the Federation’s view on what it now means for Service personnel and their families. As active members of the External Reference […]

Our Finest Hour

The challenges and achievements of RAF personnel during the Battle of Britain was the theme of a Support Wing trip to London. Looking up from the bustle of Trafalgar Square, a familiar figure from our nation’s proud military heritage stands […]

In the Hot Seat

Name: Mark Davis. Role: Community Development Officer – Youth & Community Provision for RAF personnel and their families. Age: 51 Marital Status: Married 1. What part of your job gives you the most satisfaction? When a project (big or small) […]

Defence News

Small  RAF crew in Sicily support operations over Libya. A Military Operations news article 6 Jul 11. The detachment of around 200 personnel at Trapani, on the Italian island of Sicily, is playing a key role in the RAF’s contribution […]

Padres Corner

A Place We Call Home It is a truism to say we all need a place to ‘anchor’ ourselves, be that in a location or through relationships, a space from where we draw strength to fulfil our tasks and potential. […]

Editors Foreword Autumn 2011

Well folks, this will be my last Wittering View, Cott Witt View, Birds Eye View or whatever we call ourselves these days, as I am posted to Air Cmd as of 3 Oct 11. This is certainly one secondary duty I […]

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