Building Blocks

Well-being is something that has been advertised over the past few weeks on TV and in mainstream press.

But what is well-being and why does it matter?
Well-being is not just a buzz word so that people can say they are looking after the welfare of either themselves or others. Well-being is knowing how we ourselves tick, which makes it easier to look after other people and what we can do to help ourselves.
So! What are the best ways to look after ourselves;
The first simple thing is to talk to those we love. Talking and communicating is the key in any relationship, it helps to encourage and will bring support. When we sit and allow that thought to ruminate inside our minds, it tends to get worse, which is not good for our well-being.
Spending time with those we love is important, and I don’t mean just sitting watching TV together. Get active, talk and share some family fun. Dig out the good old family board games which get people laughing and sharing.
I run a Lego Well-Being Project on Station, which isn’t about playing with Lego. It’s about joining in together, it’s about seeing something you started getting finished, its about being with other people and it’s about sharing your journey with someone else. Making friends.
Your well-being matters, because when life gets crowded and our capacity shrinks, we need to know we have people who are looking out for us, as we will look out for other people.
Mars bar used to have a slogan ‘Work, Rest and Play’. If you make time for yourself, you will make time for your family and friends.
Challenge yourself over the next few weeks to look at how we work and play to see if we can make changes to our well-being and see how that impacts others.
Come along to my Lego Well-being Project and see what new friends you can make – real ones of course, not ones made of Lego.
For more information about the Lego Well-Being Project please contact Padre Stew Shaw on ext 7877.

The Lego Well-Being Project can help you learn how you tick.

Padre Stewart Shaw