Cycling is a great way to have fun and stay healthy so why not do it more often?

2MT Squadron always Ride Safely.  The campaign is aimed at 6 -11 year olds, the Road Safety message we present is equally relevant to children of all ages and drivers of vehicles who may interact with children on cycles.

We are now well into the back to school period and research found that children in the age range we have focused on struggle to understand the reasons for using good Road Safety behaviour.  This is most prevalent during the holidays and immediately after when children are using their bikes to go back to school.  What is often overlooked is just how vulnerable cyclists, and in particular children, are to the interaction with vehicular traffic. Below are a number of basic instructions that will help keep you safe on the road.

• Always wear a helmet that’s the right size for you and is fitted correctly.  Don’t forget the chinstrap.

• Plan your cycle journey with your parents and do your best to stick to cycle paths and quieter roads.  If the road looks busy, get off and walk.

• Wear something bright or reflective to make sure everyone can see you coming!

• Fit your bike with reflectors and good strong lights if you’re going to be riding around dusk or dark.

• Park your bike with thought for other people, use a cycle stand and lock it to something secure.

• Be careful near animals.  Give them plenty of room as you cycle past and don’t scare them with your bell.

• For the Car Driver.  Don’t drive too close and remember a child’s perception of danger is different to yours.

Prepare for the unexpected!!!


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