Ex LOW RIDER Helicopters Come To Wittering

Rotor blades and propellers shared the skies over Wittering when it hosted Royal Navy, Army and RAF helicopters.

Exercise Low Rider saw Chinook, Merlin and Lynx helicopters conduct a series of equipment tests over the Royal Air Force Air Weapons Range at RAF Donna Nook near East Lindsey in Lincolnshire.
Helicopters and aeroplanes co-existed at RAF Wittering when the Westland Whirlwinds of No. 230 Squadron shared the Station with Harriers and the Hawker Hunters in the late 1960s and early 1970s.
The exercise was run by the Air Warfare Centre at Royal Air Force Waddington and tested the protection systems of nine different aircraft types. As the runway at Waddington is undergoing works, the aircraft were deployed to RAF Wittering for the three week run.
Warrant Officer Raph Winstanley, Wittering’s Flight Safety Officer, said: “Exercises like this benefit everyone; Station and aircrew alike. Having different aircraft come in and safely integrating them with existing flying operations keeps your skills adaptable and flexible.”
Largest of the helicopters was the RAF Chinook Mk IV which was joined by the Army’s Westland Lynx and the Royal Navy’s Westland Merlin.

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