Mavis feels the heat

Hi to all the followers of the Witt View Pets Corner. I have enjoyed receiving your pictures and information of your pets – please keep them coming in!  I have really struggled this month with the heat but luckily Liz the editor bought me an Ice Pod for my cage. She pops it into the freezer overnight and then it sits in my cage during the day to keep me cool; I have even spent some time lying on it to cool down. She also bought me second water bottle so she can keep one in the fridge at all times regularly rotating my bottles ensuring I always have fresh cold water. If you have small pets perhaps you could try some of these tricks to help keep them cool! 


BRACKEN – Bracken is an 11-year-old golden lab.  She was delighted to have Phoebe and Theo visit her from the Australian side of her family this summer.  Bracken loves cuddles, food (any type of food!!!!!) and even more cuddles.  She dislikes loud bangs, especially fireworks.

JACK – Jack is WO White and Linda White’s eight-year-old border collie; he loves running and chasing balls and hoovers.  He dislikes cat.



Please send your photos and all the info about your pet, together with your name and age to We look forward to hearing your pet stories.

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